North Dakota Dollars for Scholars honors Governor William Guy, Honorary Chair of our Founding Board of Directors.

Governor Guy played an instrumental role in establishing North Dakota Dollars for Scholars. His passion for the education of North Dakota youth was a driving force for the program, which has raised over $24 million to support the dreams of North Dakotans to achieve their dreams for higher education.

In 1999, Scholarship America, the national parent organization for all Dollars for Scholars chapters in our state, approached North Dakota with a unique opportunity from an anonymous donor that had no ties to our state. The donation allowed us to organize a state-level entity, led by a Governing Board, to support local chapter growth and increase scholarship dollars for North Dakota youth.

Governor Guy encouraged the Board at the time and said, "If a stranger believes in education and the power of a rural state and recognizes a return on investment in scholarships to students, then we as a board should certainly believe in the concept and show that anonymous donor what North Dakota can do!"

Over the years, Governor Guy was a driving force for North Dakota Dollars for Scholars. He recorded a public service announcement to spread the word in the state. He called Eric Hardmeyer, president of Bank of North Dakota (BND), in 2007 and asked if BND would administer the statewide program.

Eric Hardmeyer, President of BND, states, "Even after he left office, Governor Guy continued to create opportunities for education in our state. He believed strongly in North Dakota Dollars for Scholars and it was an easy decision for the Bank to support such a worthwhile program."

Governor Guy became Honorary Chair of state group, and believed communities should invest in their youth and encourage them to attend all types of post-secondary education. His vision included offering scholarships beyond the freshman year in both college and technical school. He and his wife Jean were tireless supporters, and together with John and Ruth Guy, they endowed a scholarship fund in memory of their brother, James, who died a prisoner of war. Their endowment fund supports continuing education scholarships for North Dakota students.

Governor Guy passed away on April 26, 2013. His tremendous influence and efforts for North Dakota Dollars for Scholars will not be forgotten and we thank his family for sharing their passion with this organization.