Students, you are invited to apply for scholarships between January 1 and April 1 each year. Scholarship awards range from $1,00 to $2,500. Applicants must be a graduate of a North Dakota Dollars for Scholars community. Check out the information below to learn about scholarship opportunities from North Dakota Dollars for Scholars.


How to apply for scholarships

Create or edit your student profile by logging in under the Students & Parents tab at the top of this page.
Deadline for North Dakota Dollars for Scholars scholarships is April 1. Your local chapter may have a different deadline. Be sure to check their site as well for scholarship information. 
By editing your profile you will be matched to scholarships to which you meet the minimum eligibility requirements. You may be matched to Dollars for Scholars scholarships offered by your local chapter, state chapter and even national opportunities.
Visit the My Scholarships section of your profile to view and apply for scholarships to which you have been matched. Click each scholarship to answer additional questions and to submit an online application. You must submit to each scholarship in order to be considered.
Remember to update your profile annually and reapply for new scholarships.

Scholarships Available from North Dakota Dollars for Scholars

Click here for printable information on 2018 scholarships.
Governor's Circle
Returning Students/Graduate Students Scholarship
Established by Governor Bill and Jean Guy, and John and Ruth Guy, through the creation of the James A. Guy Memorial Endowment. Supplemented with gifts from annual donors and professional associations.
$1,000 scholarships are available to students who are continuing their education beyond the freshman year.  This includes: second-, third-, fourth-year or graduate students pursuing an undergraduate or master's degree or technical/vocational degree. Scholarships will be disbursed directly to the college in the fall. 

Students in the following majors are eligible for scholarships sponsored by Professional Associations
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Banking
  • Business
  • Chiropractic
  • Communications
  • Computer and Information Technology Sciences (including programing, data processing, web design, system analysis, networking, engineering, simulator maintenance, etc.)
  • Dietetics
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Graphic Arts
  • Journalism (including related majors that support community print journalism)
Vocational/Technical/Trade School Scholarship
Established by Governor Art and Grace Link through the creation of the Joann Link Hetzel Endowment.
Supplemented with gifts from annual donors.
$1,000 scholarships are available to high school seniors within a  North Dakota Dollars for Scholars community who will be attending a vocational or technical/trade school. Students pursuing mechanics, electrical, welding, or surveying will receive preference for scholarships sponsored by Falkirk Mining Company and Coteau Properties Company. Scholarships will be disbursed directly to the college in the fall.
Citizen's Circle
Robert and Doris Alin Legacy Scholarship
Robert (Bob) and Doris Alin started an endowment fund to offer a unique scholarship to students. Each year, one applicant who demonstrates commitment to community service and education will be awarded $2,500. Eligible students must be in their junior or senior year of an education major, with preference given to individuals specializing in teaching students with dyslexia and other special learning needs. Applicant must be a full-time student who is employed at least 10 hours per week, reflecting the work ethic of Bob and Doris. Student must also have a 2.5 minimum GPA and demonstrate a history of community service. 

As a student, Bob dealt with dyslexia, even though that word was not used when he was young. In time he was fortunate to have a caring teacher who enabled Bob to address his educational roadblocks and develop a confidence that helped him to move forward. This new confidence, paired with a special life-partner and a deep faith, fueled his passion to give back to others in the form of scholarship and continued education.

Bob and Doris Alin grew up in rural North Dakota and settled in West Fargo where they raised their family. Bob became a key person in the growth of the Scheel's business in Fargo by helping to open the West Acres store and mentoring quality customer service for the entire organization. When Bob retired, he and Doris decided to continue to demonstrate their commitment to service by bringing the Dollars for Scholars movement to North Dakota. His former employer, Fred Scheel, partnered with Bob and agreed to cover his travel expenses and some start-up challenge funds for newly formed chapters in the state. Bob spent seven years establishing 50 chapters in the state. Thousands of students and millions of dollars later, Bob found joy in connecting with Governor Bill and Jean Guy who helped to transition Dollars for Scholars state leadership to Bank of North Dakota (BND). The partnership with BND was the culmination of the vision for ongoing support to North Dakota students that Bob and Doris were passionate about for so many years.
Scholarships will be disbursed directly to the college in the fall.

Military Scholarship
$1,000 scholarships are available to dependents of a member of a North Dakota military unit. Checks will be sent to the colleges in August for use in the fall semester. In recent years North Dakota military members have been activated at one of the highest rates per capita in the nation. These members and their families have made significant sacrifices for the good of our state and country, and this fund has been developed to honor our dedicated servicemen and women and their families.
Scholarships will be disbursed directly to the college in the fall.

Dr. Fradkin Community Service/Volunteer Scholarship
$1,000 scholarships are available to high school seniors who excel in community service. A minimum of one scholarship will be awarded per region in North Dakota. These scholarships are in honor of Dr. Irving Fradkin, founder of Dollars for Scholars. Scholarships will be disbursed directly to the college in the fall.


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