$25,000 or more
Brad and Julie Burgum
Brad Burgum was devoted to his community of Casselton, North Dakota. He served as a legal counsel to many individuals and families, as well as the city of Casselton. In addition he was the Treasurer for the local Central Cass Dollars for Scholars chapter, and helped to organize the local ambulance service. Brad and his wife, Julie, were also one of the original donors to the North Dakota Dollars for Scholars effort to organize a State Office that would help other communities get their local chapters developed.
James A. Guy Memorial Fund (Bill and Jean Guy along with Ruth and John Guy)
James A. Guy served in the U.S. Navy and was stationed at Pearl Harbor when the bombs fell. He was assigned to the battleship California, which was sunk at anchor in the harbor at Honolulu. The Guy family heard nothing from James, but later learned he was transferred to the USS Houston, which also sunk. James was captured after swimming seven miles to shore and died of malnutrition in a prison camp in Burma.

Robert and Dois Alin Legacy Fund
As a student, Bob dealt with dyslexia, even though that word was not used when he was young. In time he was fortunate to have a caring teacher who enabled Bob to address his educational roadblocks and develop a confidence that helped him to move forward. This new confidence, paired with a special life-partner and a deep faith, fueled his passion to give back to others in the form of scholarship and continued education. Bob and Doris Alin grew up in rural North Dakota and settled in West Fargo where they raised their family. Bob became a key person in the growth of the Scheel's business in Fargo by helping to open the West Acres store and mentoring quality customer service for the entire organization. When Bob retired, he and Doris decided to continue to demonstrate their commitment to service by bringing the Dollars for Scholars movement to North Dakota. His former employer, Fred Scheel, partnered with Bob and agreed to cover his travel expenses and some start-up challenge funds for newly formed chapters in the state. Bob spent seven years establishing 50 chapters in the state. Thousands of students and millions of dollars later, Bob found joy in connecting with Governor Bill and Jean Guy who helped to transition Dollars for Scholars state leadership to Bank of North Dakota (BND). The partnership with BND was the culmination of the vision for ongoing support to North Dakota students that Bob and Doris were passionate about for so many years.

Scheels Stores
$10,000 to $24,999
Joanne Link Hetzel Memorial Fund (Art and Grace Link)